phone: 989.496.0511

fax: 989.496.2821

Edgemont Fire Department

Body Darely Aluminum Body
Chassis Ford F-550 4x4 6.7 Diesel
Lighting Package Whelen Lighting LED Lightbar and LED Lower Lights
Lighting (Front) (2) Fire Research Spectra LED 12-volt Tele-lights
Lighting (Rear) (2) Fire Research Spectra LED 12-volt Surface-mount lights
Manufacturer Circle K Service
Pump System Darley LSM-1000

Susquehanna Township
Edgemont Fire Department
Harrisburg, PA
Referb and re-chassis a 1993 Darley Quick Attack
Re-chassis to a 2010 Ford F-550 6.7 L diesel with a 6-speed auto transmission
Remove, update, and repaint aluminum body
Remove the Darley 250 gpm Darley PTO pump and install a Darley LSM-1000 gpm midship pump
Install a front brush guard with a trashline
Install a FRC Boss pressure governor
Remove the 120-volt halogen tele-lights and install FRC Spectra LED 12-volt tele-lights
Remove the old emergency lighting system and install a Whelen LEN lighting package
Replace all DOT lighting and install LED lighting
Install ground lighting